Sarah Geikie

Meadowbrook Farm is proud to be the home of Sarah Geikie Dressage!

As our trainer in residence, Sarah is a sought-after instructor and clinician who needs no introduction in the world of dressage. Her strength comes from her unique ability to combine her eye as an FEI Dressage judge with 40+ years’ of experience training horses and riders to FEI levels.

Sarah proudly works with riders of all ages, levels and aspirations - whether new to dressage, experienced competitors or riders just looking to add balance and lightness to their pleasure riding. Sarah enjoys teaching how the basics of classical dressage education can be fun and enhance performance in all equestrian disciplines. And, she does so all in the affordable, fun, supportive, drama-free environment of Meadowbrook Farm.

Sarah’s approach places a strong emphasis on educating both horse and rider on training fundamentals. Her mission is to cultivate the knowledge, skills, freedom and confidence of riders who are eager to learn and who enjoy the process of learning together with their horse. She enjoys producing correctly trained, educated horses and riders with methods free from coercion or force.

Sara offers individual lessons as well as various training packages. Truck-ins are also welcome. Additionally, she continues to offer off-site training, clinics and coaching opportunities.

Sarah’s Credentials

  • Sarah is an active trainer and competitor. She has trained many horses and riders to the FEI level and helped her students achieve their USDF medals.
  • Sarah is Co-Chair, along with Lilo Fore, of the USDF Instructor/Trainer program, and is also an examiner and faculty member in the program.
  • FEI 4 Star Dressage Judge
  • USEF S Dressage Judge
  • USDF Examiner and Faculty member
  • BHSAI (British Horse Society) Assistant Instructor
  • Lindgren Scholarship Recipient through The Dressage Foundation
  • Trained numerous horses to the Grand Prix level
  • Numerous students achieving their USDF Bronze and Silver medals
  • Coach of two NAYRC 3-Day Event Teams to Silver medals
  • Students regularly in USDF and NEDA year-end awards
  • Successful competitor through Grand Prix
  • B.S. Animal Science, University of Massachusetts
  • USDF Committee Member on: Freestyle, Judges and Instructor/Trainer Committees

Sarah's Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, here's what others have to say...

  • Kathy Connelly
    I have known Sarah Geike for over 25 years. I value deeply our friendship and our interaction as colleagues. Sarah has always pursued the highest standards in her development as a trainer, coach and judge.

    Her character is impeccable. She is kind, unselfish, honest and very generous with her time to the various organizations that make our sport what it is. Sarah is an admirable ambassador for dressage in the United States in all that she does.
    Kathy Connelly
  • Jane Savoie
    I have known Sarah for almost 30 years, and have to give her the highest recommendation that I possibly can.

    She is a consummate professional, a fabulous rider, gifted teacher, well-respected dressage judge, and a salt-of-the-earth type person.
    Jane Savoie
  • Gerhard Politz, USDF Instructor/Trainer Committee Chair
    Not only is Sarah a shining example for our USDF Certification program, but she also trains and shows horses through the FEI levels, and officiates as a USEF ‘S’ and FEI ‘C’ judge as well.
    Gerhard Politz, USDF Instructor/Trainer Committee Chair
  • Jane Karol
    Sarah Geikie has judged the Children of the Americas Dressage Invitational for two years and she has done a fantastic job for us.

    She has an excellent eye for correctness and quality of gaits, and she holds vast knowledge about the rules of judging. Sarah's riding skills and personal competition experience enhance her decisions. She combines her high level of knowledge of dressage on the horse with her broad experience observing and judging everything from the top horse/rider combinations in our country to horse/rider combinations just starting out.

    She has a uniquely giving spirit, and she is simply a wonderful person to work with.
    Jane Karol
  • Elizabeth J. Ash
    What sets Sarah apart is her communication skill. Not only does Sarah have a deep reservoir of dressage knowledge and experience; she has the even more rare skill of being able to communicate effectively to her students. She finds the words and images that resonate for each student so not only does the student ‘get it’ during the lesson, they retain it going forward.

    I have worked with Sarah for over 10 years. My first lesson she had to show me how to adjust my helmet! From that rather dubious beginning Sarah has patiently guided me to upper level work. Sarah’s dressage knowledge is endless and her teaching skills are extremely effective.
    Elizabeth J. Ash
  • Sylvia Schafer
    Sarah Geikie’s positive, supportive approach, along with her commitment to the correct training of horse and rider, is phenomenal! Sarah works with you to set the bar high and helps you learn how to define and meet your goals without ever forgetting the joys of riding.

    One of Sarah’s special gifts is the ability to develop a rider's feel, understanding, and creative problem-solving skills; whether you’re one of her junior, professional, or adult amateur students (like me), Sarah empowers you to feel, think, and ride for yourself.

    She also guided me through the horse-hunting process and together we found Killian, the perfect dressage partner for me!
    Sylvia Schafer
  • Melissa Bilodeau
    When you learn from Sarah, it is always a positive feeling—positive because of her attitude and enthusiasm, but also positive because you know it is correct teaching!
    Melissa Bilodeau